General Contractor

As a general contractor in the water market, we deliver new construction as well as upgrades, modifications and expansions to existing water and wastewater treatment facilities. We self-perform concrete, piping, equipment installation, select electrical, instrumentation and controls work, and we partner with qualified specialty contractors to bring the best value to our clients.

We understand the unique complexities of building within operational plants. Our planning sessions and workshops bring key people together to address critical work concerning operations; detailed workplans ensure work is completed and tested without disrupting vital services. Our well-planned and time-tested quality control procedures and safety programs dig deep to understand the requirements before commencing work, followed by ongoing training, observation and testing to ensure compliance and high-quality results.

Electrical Services

We self-perform electrical construction in the water market.  Some of the key services we provide include mounting and field wiring of process instruments, raceway systems, control panels and controllers; installation of transformers, low and medium voltage switchgear, low voltage motor control centers, and variable frequency-controlled speed drive systems; and installation of conduit, wire, fiber optic cable and interconnections. WWPS also performs electrical demolition and offers complete duct bank installation including excavation, placing concrete, conduit, backfilling, grading and seeding.

Instrumentation and Controls

WWPS self-performs a variety of services in the I&C scope, including panels, field components, system communication links, fiber optic installation and terminations.  We also work with leading system integrators in the southeast to provide turn-key solutions to our clients for new and updated hardware and software, SCADA systems, and system communications. WWPS will ensure an effective transition to operations with thorough operation and maintenance training for new and modified system components.