Safety Works Here

WWPS’ goal for safety is simple: execute our work in the safest means possible to achieve Zero Incidents on all of our projects.

WWPS believes that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented. We work tirelessly to hone our means and methods to ensure predictable safety results. Our corporate SafeRing program uses four guiding principles to achieve Zero Incidents. We plan, communicate, observe and improve.

By implementing the detailed SafeRing program, we maintain the highest regard for the safety of the entire team. We have found that safe projects are more organized, on schedule, cleaner, and more positive places to work. The cumulative effect of this attitude becomes a culture where workers feel empowered to take proactive steps towards a safer work environment.

In addition to developing a project-specific safety program, we bring a culture of safety. We use a combination of institutional and behavioral methods to build a safe work environment. OSHA standards are the basic building blocks of our safety plan, but we continually aim to surpass them in our quest for Zero Injuries.

WWPS is committed on multiple fronts to engage the safety of all workers to deliver a product superior to anything else. By building a customized safety program for each project, we demonstrate to those doing the work each day that they matter to us. The workers leave the site each day with the core belief they are involved in something special: a project that is safe where their efforts are recognized, and their personal well-being has value.