Wichita Water ASR II


City of Wichita, KS


30 MGD

contract type


The City of Wichita’s ability to obtain adequate drinking water was threatened because their main source of water, the Equus Beds aquifer, became depleted. Under a design-build contract, an Alberici joint venture delivered a plant that draws water from the Little Arkansas River to replenish the aquifer. This project included a river water intake, an advanced water treatment plant featuring membrane filtration and advanced oxidation, and a high service pump station to deliver treated water to the aquifer.

As part of the Alberici team, WWPS took the lead in installing one of the main processes for the surface water treatment plant – the GE/Zenon submerged ultra filtration membrane system. Layout of the membrane module support system required extremely intricate work with tolerances of less than 1/16”.  The system included coupling of permeate piping and blower piping to membrane modules, clean-in-place (CIP), chemical piping, and neutralized chemical piping dosing injection system piping, and recirculation pumps. Instrumentation included flow meters, PH, chlorine and conductivity, as well as turbidimeters and pressure transmitters.  

The innovative design and successful delivery of the project led to recognition by major industry groups:

DBIA National Design-Build Award

DBIA Mid-America Region Award

Associated General Contractors of Kansas State Building Award