South River WRC Headworks Improvements


City of Atlanta


CH2M Hill


54 MGD

WWPS managed improvements to the 54 mgd South River WRC. Improvements included filter feed pump foundation repairs, effluent pump station control system upgrades, belt conveyor installation, construction of a macerator pump system and liquid separator, and major mechanical repairs throughout the plant. The project also included demolition of screw conveyors and compactors that serve the drum screens and bar screens. WWPS self-performed 74% of this project. 

Massive rainfall caused flooding as the team was completing one of the most challenging aspects of the project, the replacement of an underground, 60-foot header pipe. The header pipe was located in a low-laying area of the plant, and as flooding began, the team had to bypass the plant’s effluent with pumps in order to make the replacement. WWPS worked collaboratively with plant staff, subcontractors, and vendors to mobilize pumps and move material and equipment to higher ground, preventing spills and equipment failures. Despite the challenging conditions, the project schedule was not affected.