South Cobb WRF Dewatering Improvements

Cobb County, Georgia


Cobb County Water System


Engineering Design Technologies, Inc.

Contract Type


Under a design-build contract, WWPS converted the 40 mgd South Cobb Water Reclamation Facility’s wastewater sludge dewatering process from belt presses to centrifuges. This project included the addition of a mezzanine to accommodate three refurbished centrifuges, a multi-directional screw conveyor, a polymer feed system, and a truck drive through with roll-up doors. The team also replaced a section of the existing bridge crane, made HVAC improvements for the electrical, control room and new truck drive area, completed demolition and reconstruction of various administrative areas, and modified the plant’s voice, video, and data systems to incorporate new centrifuge controls and provide telephone data and video monitoring capabilities in the new control room.

The team self-performed concrete, steel erection, demolition, earthwork, and electrical.