Major Mechanical Service & Repairs


City of Atlanta

The City of Atlanta operates sixteen pump stations, six combined sewer overflow treatment facilities, and four wastewater reclamation centers: RM Clayton WRC (122 mgd), South River WRC (54 mgd), Intrenchment Creek WRC (15 mgd), Utoy Creek WRC (44 mgd). The City also operates the Chattahoochee and Hemphill Water Treatment Plants, which provide 100% of the City of Atlanta’s drinking water. WWPS had the privilege of continuously providing major mechanical service and repairs for the City of Atlanta under four annual contracts, with the City electing to exercise multiple renewal options.  WWPS worked in virtually all of the City’s water and wastewater facilities, including a variety of activities at the wastewater reclamation facilities and at both water treatment plants. Our experience includes work on the following treatment plant components:

  • Primary and Secondary Clarifiers
  • Drum Screens
  • BNR Diffuser Systems
  • Lime Slurry Systems
  • Primary Sludge Pump Replacement
  • Pump Station Force Mains
  • UV Filter Gates
  • Chemical Injection Systems
  • Air Valve Actuators
  • Primary Odor Control

The team’s technical expertise and practical experience led to significant value engineering solutions for the City of Atlanta.  When three drum screens failed at the RM Clayton WRC, the City was faced with a potentially catastrophic situation. The team proposed and implemented a cost-effective solution that saved millions of dollars and kept the plant in compliance.