Chattahoochee-Hemphill WTP Various Improvements


City of Atlanta


Atlanta Services Group

combined size

202 MGD

WWPS completed improvements at both the Chattahoochee and the Hemphill Water Treatment Plants, which together provide 100% of Atlanta’s drinking water. The project improved plant administrative facilities and infrastructure, including new sand filters and laboratories, roof replacement, underground valve replacements, demolition and replacement of dehumidification equipment, electrical equipment replacement, new positive displacement blowers and backflow preventers, and water meter installation. WWPS self-performed 60% of this complex project in order to ensure that the project was completed successfully without interrupting plant operations.

The project also involved increasing the capacity of the Hartsfield Pump Station. This station is critical to the City as it distributes water to the adjacent Hartsfield International Airport and provides water service for adjacent local counties.