Kirkwood Performing Arts Center

Kienlen Constructors is currently working as a subcontractor to BSI Constructors on a new Performing Arts Center in Kirkwood, MO.  Serving as both the steel and precast erector, Kienlen has overcome many challenges on the project.

At just over 77 feet tall and 80,000 pounds, the largest panels on the job were unprecedented in size for both the precast manufacturer and Kienlen as the erector.  Because of this, Kienlen utilized an extensive bracing system with helical anchors to account for the weight and external forces on the panels during erection.

The steel fabrication and erection at Kirkwood PAC has also proven to be a major challenge given that it required significant coordination with the precast.  Many of the steel catwalks in the theater and gridiron above the stage span from panel-to-panel, requiring precise fabrication and tight tolerances during the construction phase.

BSI engaged Kienlen and Hillsdale Fabricators early-on in the project to coordinate the steel and precast connections.  Conflicts at the steel/precast interfaces were minimized before construction began through the implementation of BIM modeling.  Additionally, the sequencing of the job resulted in the erection alternating between steel and precast to help condense BSI’s overall project schedule.  Although the scheduling and coordination of this has been difficult to carry out, Kienlen and Hillsdale’s flexibility, vast equipment fleet and open communication has helped the project run smoothly.

Kienlen is planning to wrap up their scope of work in late September of this year.